Kennedy Home Builders

There are a ton of services that make up our water damage restoration company. We have been working over the past 25 years to become the best locally owned and operated water damage restoration company in the area. We have done this by making sure we treat the customers the right way and listening to them. Our company goes by a satisfaction motto or complete money back. Over the years, we have never charged a customer unless they were completely satisfied with our work. Chances are, we could fix it and move and everyone would be happy. But we figure, the better we treat the customers, the more that they are going to want to come back to our company. That is why we worked so hard to accommodate their needs. We have added so many different services to our water damage restoration company over the years it is crazy to even think about. Basically, if a customer needed help with something and we didn’t offer a service, we learned how to do it, fast. Then we would train our employees until they were complete experts. After that, we’d start offering the service to our customers and everyone was satisfied. Our company now offers many services such as water damage prevention, water removal, carpet drying, Plumbing and reconstruction services.


The more we offer, the more customers we have been able to add over the years. This has helped us grow the company a ton and we have started to become the complete leader in water damage restoration companies in the area. Despite not having a ton of people work for us, we work really hard. Our response time has gotten a ton better over the years and we make sure to get an expert out your way as quickly as possible for clean up. If you have to deal with water damage, or mold remediation. chances are you want one of the best companies in the area. Water damage is one thing you really don’t want to have to deal with, which is exactly why you should hire our company. We have been working with all types of water damage for 25 years and have a ton of experience with it. Our staff are all basically experts with water damage now and we have made sure to only add experts. The more experienced people at our company, the better off we are going to be.


If you are dealing with any type of water damage, don’t hesitate to call our water damage restoration company. We’ve been working with water damage for years and can help you with your problems. Read more into details on the services that we offer on the site. It should help convince you to hire our company. Add to the legacy that we have started to create and hire our company today. We will work around the clock to make sure that you are happy with our work. That’s how we have grown our water damage restoration company and we plan to continue to grow over the years.